Stunning colorful photos of rocket launches

This is not a destinations, or place to travel, bud this is so beautiful, and i really wanna share with you. These beautiful, colorful wisps are actually formed by rocket launches! When the launch occurs within an hour of dusk or dawn, the condensation trail of fuel and water freezes and the minimal amount of sunlight bends through the ice to produce a swirling rainbow in the sky. This is known as the “twilight phenomenon” and launches at dusk are the most colorful.

And similar to this photos, i really must share with you photos below. This false-colour image captured by a digital SLR camera of the Atlas V rocket launch late on Wednesday is a dramatic and stunning illustration of private space flight.

The rocket, which took off from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport in Virginia, is carrying the Orbital Sciences Corporation Antares capsule destined for the International Space Station.

The spacecraft will deliver about 1,300 pounds of cargo, including food and clothes, to the crew of Expedition 37 aboard the orbiting platform.

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